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EVENTS: Global Best Practices Webinar

Please find resources & research on Events – Global Best Practices – including the industry webinar we ran in November 2020 with two of Australia’s leading event experts and a link to the Executive Summary of the Global Benchmarking report completed for MBIE on domestic tourism which included a review of international best practices in Events.

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Global Benchmarking Study on Domestic Tourism Best Practices:


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Miles Partnership Event Expert Support Services

 Miles Partnership in conjunction with Silver Lining Strategy have developed a set of expert support services for your event programme. If you need help with any of your event planning, development and reporting, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us:

  1. Region-wide assessment of events calendar  Topline audit of your events against global best practices including community survey/interviews
  2. In-depth event health check Deeper dive assessment for signature events incl. interviews, review of plans for the event
  3. Capacity building education & support Education programme for event organisers and RTO/EDA/Councils on 6 critical topics for successful events
  4. Enhanced event reporting Includes event attendee time and dispersal in the region and to other attractions from world’s largest mobile location data platform

Contact: Chris, Stu, Maria and Skye


Tel: +64 9 974 2452