Destination optimisation support program

The artist formerly known as the “Google DMO Support Program” has been expanded to include all the most popular online platforms that where potential visitors will be exposed to your destination.

Destination Optimisation Program

Influencing Consumer Perception on Travel’s Biggest Platforms

The Destination Optimisation Support Program (previously known as the Google DMO Program) is designed to help both your organisation and local businesses understand, optimise and measure their exposure within the most popular digital products used by travellers and locals today.

Miles Partnership’s Destination Optimisation services grew of our leadership in helping implement Google’s DMO Partnership Program. Since 2017 Miles has helped more than 250 destinations across the world implement Google’s free set of tools and solutions for reviewing and enhancing how their destination and businesses appear across Google’s products including Google Maps, Google Search and Google My Business. We have since grown the program to include other major platforms including Apple Maps, TripAdvisor and Facebook, to enhance reporting and analytics and to incorporate solutions covering both Destination Marketing and Management.

Destination Optimisation is customised to each destination with services able to include:

  • Auditing Services: assessing opportunities, benchmarking your destination, developing an action plan
  • Education and Training: workshops, webinars and training resources customised to the needs of your staff and business partners
  • Content Services: including Google Street View capture of out of date or missing content across your destination
  • Reporting and Analytics: tools for business partners, reporting of results and impact with business partners and a DMO Dashboard to assess results

Destinations that have participated in the support program

Local businesses & points of interest audited & analysed

Businesses have attended in person & online workshops

Case Studies

Google DMO Partnership Programme

Lake Wanaka Tourism

Boosting Lake Wanaka’s visibility on Google & empowering local businesses to increase their digital skills & online presence.

Google DMO Partnership Programme

Bermuda Tourism Authority

Capturing over 500km of Google Street View on the island of Bermuda

Other Resources & Services

Google DMO Partnership Programme

New Mexico Tourism

Attitional education and resources availalble to local businesses in New Mexico as part of the Google DMO Support Programme.

Other Destination Optimisation Services

Capability Building & Education

Upskilling and empowering local business operators to increase their visibility across popular online platforms including Google, Apple and Trip Advisor.  

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