Using Social Media and content to drive demand during shoulder and low seasons

Mighway is a peer-to-peer campervan rental company based in New Zealand which has been operating since 2015, they are Kiwi operated with nearly 1,000 motorhome owners. They make the process easy for both Guests and Owners, with around the clock service and easy, safe and secure online booking.

 The Challenge: Experience NZ with Mighway

Mighway needed to build brand awareness with a small budget in key international target markets in Europe, America, South-East Asia and Australia, and take potential customers through a content funnel to facilitate early bookings during mid and low season.


Strategy: Let your NZ journey unfold

Social Media, in particular Facebook and Instagram, were selected as the top social channels to build brand awareness and take potential customers through different Mighway’s journeys.

Mighway had plenty of excellent visual content in the form of long videos, which were edited to showcase different regions and experiences in New Zealand.

As the ‘travel persona’ is quite generic, we set up and targeted specific audiences based on extensive research on the campervan traveler which included characteristics such as preferred campervan/motorhome brands, adventure clothing, sustainability, media consumed, holiday parks or competitor following.

We also worked hand in hand with Mighway’s content writer to design a content plan that would help us take new followers through the Mighway journey and we’d curate best performing NZ content to engage with international audiences.



Mighway’s social media campaigns reached almost 2 million people in 12 months with an engagement rate of 83% and generated 3,200 booking requests. 

To learn more, we emailed Mighway’s Marketing and Communications Executive, Nicole Gilmour, to ask about the strategy behind their goals and how social media has impacted their branding efforts.

What was the strategy behind investing in social media?

As a small business, Mighway’s strategy in investing in social media was to be versatile and cost-effective, while achieving brand awareness and conversion. Utilising social media platforms has allowed us to increase engagement, reach a wider target audience, grow brand awareness and convert new customers, on a limited budget. 

How has social media enhanced engagement with future travelers?

Social media has been a great tool for us to target future travellers based on their interests, behaviour, demographic and more. It allows us to connect with an audience that we may not have been able to reach otherwise. Social platforms have given us the opportunity to build relationships with both new and existing travellers, by creating positive engagement, and generate loyalty, word of mouth referrals, connect users with New Zealand destinations and convert future travellers. The success of using social media to enhance engagement with future travellers can be seen through lead generation, conversion and enhanced visibility of the Mighway brand. 

What was the strategy behind the message “Let the journey unfold”?

 “Let the journey unfold” connects with our core messaging, and is what we would like our target audience to hear, remember and associate with our brand.


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